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Moon the Dog Food Truck

image001 300x225 Food Truck and ScheduleFrom coast to coast, food trucks are the hottest development in American cuisine.  In Central Illinois, Moon the Dog is leading the way by bringing gourmet food to the streets of Decatur, Illinois.  That’s right, no reservations, special seating, or dress code at this mobile restaurant—just high-end cuisine at street-level prices.

Good food is the essence of life and community for many people.  However, traditional brick-and-mortar fine dining often limits our culinary and communal experiences through inaccessibility, by physical location and by price.  As part of the new food truck revolution, Moon the Dog is committed to inspiring people of all ages and backgrounds to “meet and eat” by serving up fresh, fast gourmet street food at prices that will leave money in your pocket.


Come on Decatur…It’s time to Moon the Dog!

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